Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. Write a short description of how shape borrowing can be used to create new design. (About 50 words)

Shape borrowing can be used to create a new design by simply changing the shape of the current product into the "borrowed" shape.For example,a shape of a bottle was incorporated into the shape of a pen and was called the "Bottle Pen"(B2P).The designers of the product simply borrowed the shape of a water bottle and replaced it with the shape of a typical pen and called it the bottle pen.

2. Write a short description of how SCAMPER is used to refine the function and appearance of an idea. (About 80 words)
"P","Put to other use" of the word SCAMPER is used in this case to change the functions of an idea.Then,"A" ,"ADAPT" ,(use of unique features of other products) is used in the product to Modify(MODIFY MAXIMISE MINIMISE) the prouduct.Then a few of the unwanted and pointless features of the product is "E","Eliminated" to "M" "Maximise" the memory space in the product to "M" "Minimise" hassle and defect in the product.By "S" "Substituting"/"R" "Rearranging/reversing" the pointless or useless feature with another useful or "C" "Combining" another useful idea with the useless one one attracts consumers to buy their products.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What ADMT means to me

I drew what represented me best for each of them